When being playful is labeled  manner less. 

“So and so’s children are so manner less.Can’t they  just keep them in control  even for a minute? I swear when I get mine,they will be the most disciplined kids in the neighborhood. I detest disorderly ness “

What a huge bile,especially coming from someone  you consider  a friend and more so an aspiring  parent!!! Let’s  take a moment  of silence for the “perfect, know -it- all” kind of people.The kind of people  who will visit your home and expect  you to lock your  toddler in the bedroom  so that you can entertainment their talks, while they cannot take a giggle  from your toddler .What a waste…you call them friends!Maybe it’s  time to re-evaluate. You don’t  need that negative  energy  around  your child.

Let’s  get a few things  Crystal clear… 

  You see kids will always be kids. They enjoy movement. Infact they are like little “robots”  on motion. All over the place without  necessarily  minding where  they are. They prefer to be mobile and occupy their  little minds with “important “stuff than listen to boring adult talks.  They enjoy attention  as well.. .infact they value it. That’s fine by me.I love observing  them do their thing. Their innocence is something  that always warms my heart.And takes me back to my sweet old childhood  days. 

Now while kids can be quite  a handful, they play a very active role in a family setting.They are the light of the home,mine are and so should yours. As such,whether single or married  and yet to be parent, you cannot expect to visit a family where there are kids, but look forward to having  quiet  sane moments without  interruptions  here and there. Honestly  on this real space, those children  you see on the movies sitted at the corner of the couch minding their own business  while adults  converse, are either constantly snatching your gadget or fighting  over trivial  matters. In a home with  kids, it’s  chaotic, it’s messy, it’s   fun!!So get prepared  for that. 

If at any given  monent you find yourself  not ready  for that,you might consider holding  off that visit  as well.It will be much better and polite than trying to fix a draining  situation. 

Did I just rant?Well,that’s all about  it for now. Let’s  enjoy our parenting. Let the house get messy, get on the floor and be part  of the mess. They won’t  be young forever. It’s  time to create memories! Have fun.Be fun. 

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  1. manner is a very subjective word and it depends from person to person how they perceive it. Children are innocent, curious it is said God resides in them….. they are not robots who can be molded in the so called manners of the society… you have to invoke your childhood to become one of them and admire what they do… guide them do not restrict their creativity…..

    nice post… enjoyed it….

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