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Too sexy for a married  woman???? 

You have just started  your  marriage life and everything  seems so perfect. The honey moon phase is still on and you are still getting  used to the fact of letting  your dear husband  into your space. Then all over sudden your dressing code starts to be a bother to his friends/family who never seemed to bother when you were dating.Infact they used to applaud you, some even suggesting you recommend  your stylist  to  them. But now, out of  the blues,you start receiving  free advise  on how a married  woman is supposed  to dress.You are left wondering whether your marriage  certificate was meant to  alter your sense of fashion  as well. 

I am one person  who advocates  for “if your husband is okay with  it, then others are can think and  say want they want.” After all isn’t  he the one who has to put up with you like forever? Therefore  it’s  only fair that ONLY  he gets entitled  to a considerable  opinion.Others can make all the noise they want.Let them deal with their  own insecurities…yeah insecurities. Otherwise  what would  make someone  chew your gum?? The two of you are already  crowding each  others  space, so if you allow in a third party, it will be a battle  field and you definitely  don’t  want that. 

Don’t you think that skirt is slightly  short?You should purchase more of long sleeved tops…That  dress is too body hugging…Those  high heels will break your back… Don’t  you think that colour is too shouting? You should  wear a blazer over that chiffon top.The colour of that lipstick  doesn’t speak well of you….

Helloooo… For crying  out loud it’s  just above the kneels…And that dress is just fitting…My husband  got it for me on our honey moon. I am comfortable  wearing that… I loove heels and I am not complaining. That back is mine, don’t  you think I will be the first one to feel any form of discomfort?.And that lipstick  is my favourite colour! I have been wearing  it for ages..

Girl,you don’t  have to explain  yourself. It’s  time you accept that  you cannot please  everyone. No matter how hard you try, they will always dig up some fault. So just relax and enjoy being you. They will have to put up with it and hopefully,come to  understand  you are YOU and well, they are THEM!!Dress up,rock those heels and let people  respect and appreciate  you for who you are. Be sexy to your man, you two have a lifetime  to  don’t  want to be boring so soon😉

By dmakori

Hey there! Welcome onboard!

My name is Doris Makori. My friends call me Doriano or simply Doh.
I am a professional communication strategist, a wife, and a mother to three beautiful children. A 13 year old princess, a 5 year old explorer and a 1.8 year old prince.
I am a stay-at-home mum and a freelance content writer. I use my personal experience and what I have learnt from others to write and inspire.
For me, writing is a passion that also turned out to be a source of income. Feel free to roam around, and be inspired!

13 replies on “Too sexy for a married  woman???? ”

I love this article and couldn’t agree more! I think some ladies have a tendency to lose themselves because of listening to these outside voices on what works best for your marriage yet none of these people is in your marriage! Sometimes ladies forget that your husband fell in love with you, not some idealized version of what others think you are supposed to be! Moral of the story, ain’t nobody like you and therefore, never give that person up!

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Too bad of him.I hope she finds someone who will truly appreciate her. Chances are the Ex-husband will probably run after her after seeing her happy with someone else. We need to love ourselves…self confidence is key.


Try…? Girl Ibaint tryin to please onone but my damn self… I live by the saying ‘your opinions of me is your business…’ I aint justifying shit to anyone… ” why is that skirt so short?” Whats that got to do with you…?

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