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Bully?!Not my child. 

As parents we usually  raise our Children  in the best way possible.We give it our all and make  sacrifices  just to see them happy. We watch them grow. We celebrate  their successes and wipe  their tears of agony. We see them make mistakes and we understand  them more than anyone  else..atleast that’s  what we always know.  Therefore it would definitely  come out as a bombshell when we get that summon letter from school, only to be told that  your innocently  looking kid has been bullying  others.

What the hell! It can’t  be! My child  cannot  even harm a fly….There must be a mistake  somewhere…This teacher has always  disliked  my child…

Denial.. Well it’s  the first reaction to be expected atleast for first few minutes,but don’t  let it go past  there. Don’t  start hurling blames aimlessly.You might regret  when your child confesses later. The least  you can do is understand  the victims’ trauma.Sympathize with them and get to understand their guardians/parents feelings as well.Drama queen,nah…not this  time.Be the listener… don’t get on your child’s defense side.So unfortunate, some parents would  even get abusive.😡


Your  child may shed tears and swear heaven and earth, but you know how to get them spill it out . For me one look would be enough 😁.Make  them apologize…it doesn’t  matter if you have to pull their ears and then save the rest of the talk for later at home.At home you can scold  them the way you know best…Press that button they  understand weeell.Then get to know the reasons behind their behavior. Sometimes there is no good reason, just naughtiness and peer influence .Deny them certain privileges until  they accept  their mistake. You know when they are truly  remorseful. And most importantly, do not use that against  them all the time. You don’t  want to lower their self-esteem either. 

Have you ever been affected  by child  bullying?Feel free to share your experience.

I really appreciate  that you taking your time to read my posts. Feeling the love. 😌

By dmakori

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My name is Doris Makori. My friends call me Doriano or simply Doh.
I am a professional communication strategist, a wife, and a mother to three beautiful children. A 13 year old princess, a 5 year old explorer and a 1.8 year old prince.
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6 replies on “Bully?!Not my child. ”

I’ve only ever been bullied, but I have seen lots of adults react the way you described. ‘She couldn’t’, ‘not soandso’ they state. Some have even started defending the bully…I think what you said in this post is so sensible. A good way of dealing with it, without creating more damage to the victim but not lowering the self esteem of the child that bullies either. I recently wrote about speaking out about bullying (on and I think it’s so important to look at the matter from all angles. I can understand no parent wanting to admit their child is a bully but if the matter isn’t addressed…

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The thing is we always know our children… But some parents just ignore or pretend. I also used to deal with my issues head on. Sometimes it meant tearing each other to acquire that respect by force, lol! I am quite short some tall girls used to think I couldn’t defend myself, but when I said enough is enough and punched one of them to nose bleeding, I instantly acquired respect😆😆


Oh I can’t be one of those parents not when I know my son is sometimes a fibber… I have to listen to the story and rationalise it myself….re work it then ask in a different way to find out what really happened. Thats how I dealt with it the time I got called in to scho 🙈🙈🙈.

I remember in my day we settled our differences by ourselves… this bullying was a foreign term. Once this girl always ‘troubled’ (before the term bully came up) and one day I just couldnt deal with it anymore… so I troubled her back and that was the last time she ever looked in my direction lol 😂😂😂😂all this was done without the assistance of an adult or teacher…😆😆😆😆


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