Be cautious on that end year party!

The end of the year is here and organizations are busy planning for end year parties.While some extend their invitations to their employees’ spouses/partners,for others it is strictly an internal affair.Most of these parties run to late at night and with the over flow of alcohol, anything can be expected. Ever heard of people who ended up in a motel wasted and sexually abused without much memory of what had happened the previous night? There are also those who end up at their homes with a lover in tow just to tumble on their partners in bed!

Be very  aware because this is the time of the year, when the devil is working overtime…when that man or lady, whose advances you have been turning down at the work place,  comes up with the deadliest schemes to ensure your complete down fall.It is at this time when drinks get spiked…compromising videos/ photos taken and leaked on social media and the most important variable stolen…your dignity. Hence,why not learn to trust ONLY yourself that one night? Be responsible for your drink and food.Have more than one option of your taxi guy,you can’t afford to let alcohol crush you.

So step into that party, have fun, mingle and get those business contacts. But be sure not to be the fun in it all.Who wants to end up a year with a crushed heart ?Who wants divorce papers as a Christmas gift?Who wants to smell the aroma of hospital walls on Christmas Eve? Definitely not me and I trust not you either. For it doesn’t make sense to come all this way, only to stumble  at the finishing line.


                Happy festivities 💫💣💥

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    1. dmakori says:

      I am glad you find it valuable. thanks

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