💥Christmas time; happy time🎅💫💥

The most exciting part of the year is here and Christmas eve is just around the corner.So much expectations for one day and as preparation are on going,I cannot help but remember my childhood days.It was during this time when we came together as an extended family.When we met our cousins living in different cities and get to borrow a few vocabularies here and there.You see I was born and raised up in the country side.But life there was so much fun.My parents always managed to make it special.Thank you mom and dad😘

We drunk soda,ate sumptuous meals and danced to Ohangla music.And the circle continued to new year’s eve.Music was meant to be heard across the neighbourhood.Everyone could tell whose radio had the loudest speakers and respect was earned. Everyone was welcome to join in  the fun. Howevers, things have changed with time and with the busy schedule and hard economic times, people rarely get time for get-togethers.And if they do,there is always a sniff of competition in the air.For some, the meaning of Christmas is slowly fading away.

How then will we make Christmas time special for our children? What memories will they have of this special time in future?Maybe we could begin by living within our means. Take them to places you can afford and buy them gifts you know they need. It really shouldn’t be about competition, but about love and sharing.Make use of the little you have to bring a smile in someone’s life and let your children get involved.After all Christmas is all about Jesus& the gift of salvation. 

From me to you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year , 2018!!See you next year!!!


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