Detox January

The festive season is over and January is  to remind us of all the mistakes we might have made. I know some of you, me included, did  not really think twice about indulging in some unhealthy options. After all it is the holidays and everything should be fun.From deep fried food, wines and whiskey to heavy sleep,the list is huge.

Now it’s time to get back to work and  out of the blue, that presentation attire you so  adore cannot move beyond the burst. Maybe the zipper is the problem but even with much tummy tucks it just doesn’t burg. Only then does it drown on you that maybe, just maybe, you had a little too much of that crispy chicken. What about that special treat of creamy dessert your partner could spoil you with? And to think that you could not help but bit into those fries your nieces and nephews praised you for…oooh damn!
So one of my friends happens to be in one of those body shaping groups on Facebook and she has really been convincing me to commit to one of the detox plan. I have been running from it way too long and I am actually now contemplating accepting the offer. What do I have to lose anyway..apart from the extra inches?😉 It is a 10 days detox plan which involves surviving mainly on smoothies. Whether I will be able to complete it is a story for another day. As for now, will you let me make up my mind please?
What a great way to welcome 2018! As always I appreciate each one of you for taking time to read through my posts. So have you gained a few inches?I would really like to know how you plan to get back into shape in the comment section.

Happy New Year and may prosperity be ours💥💫

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