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Be cautious on that end year party!

The end of the year is here and organizations are busy planning for end year parties.While some extend their invitations to their employees’ spouses/partners,for others it is strictly an internal affair. Most of these parties run until late night and with the over flow of alcohol, anything can be expected. Ever heard of people ending […]


Love; the Social Media way

Technology has made it crazy in the dating scene.It is only on social media where  almost half of the population leads a perfect life,went to the best schools,lives in the leafy estates,earns a 6 figure salary and drives the most recent machine. Their dressing code is always on point and the make up doesn’t leave […]

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Mending broken relations with in-laws

It is often said that women are the backbone of a home.You know what a backbone means right? Something that holds everything together in storm or calm…whose absence is deeply felt and cannot be ignored…that  has the capability to create a huge difference in a matter of seconds.That’s the role women in a home play.Well, […]